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India vs Pakistan 0

When Pakistan Played India

Thousands of people in the crowds, silence on the streets. The activities of millions of people come to a halt. It is the cricket game between two rivals Pakistan and India. No matter whether...

Women participants of Women on Wheels (WOW) ride their motor-bikes during a rally launching the Women on Wheels campaign in Lahore on January 10, 2016.  (Photo Courtesy: Dawn.Com) 0

Women on Wheels (Wow in Lahore)

We Pakistanis live in a culture where we expect women to perform all household responsibilities including, but not limited to, kitchen and garden maintenance, house keeping. Clothing, and feeding children, entertaining relatives, in-laws, and...

New Year, New Celebrations 0

New Year, New Celebrations

Okay… So 2015 is here. Hurry up, find out what you have not done all your life. Make a list of all your regrets and woes. Feel free, liberated, empowered. Of course, why wouldn’t...